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Caring For Life

At Cipla, we are not mere manufacturers of medication. What we make are memories. Memories that may not have been there to be remembered, had a life not been lived. We make people better and we save lives. That’s why we don’t have a strategy, we have a cause. We don’t have a vision statement, we have vision.

Some call it human care, we call it ‘Caring For life’.


To become a centre of excellence in the manufacturing of quality, affordable medicines.


To provide affordable and efficacious medicines in a sustainable way, to improve the quality of life.


The plant has been designed to meet the world’s most stringent regulatory standards.

Our OneCipla Credo

We understand the importance of core values and how they influence our culture.
They ground and guide us and keep us committed to all our stakeholders – patients, regulators, customers, partners, employees, investors and community.

And because we are nothing if not adaptable, we consistently revisit them and recalibrate strategies to stay ever-relevant to our stakeholders.

Welcome to the OneCipla Credo.

Purpose Inspired

There’s one thing that goes to the core of who we are; Care.
For 82 years now, it has been our purpose. It lies at the center of all thoughts and plans, driving our actions. In being purpose inspired, we look at actions and solutions that are sustainable and lead to ‘Caring for Life’

Responsibility Centered

Accountability and ownership are integral parts of our day-to-day lives. Just as we share the accolades, we share the drawbacks. All this because we believe everyone should get the chance to stand in the spotlight and experience success. Each decision we make, we keep Cipla’s long-term success in mind and the bigger goal of ‘Caring for Life.’

Innovation Driven

We believe that innovation leads to progress and transformation. It is a critical part of leading our organization towards its goal. Self-induced passion, desire to challenge convention and reinventing the way we do business only take us one step closer to fulfilling our purpose.

Excellence Focused

We always aim at setting the gold standard in healthcare and going above and beyond to stay true to “Caring For Life”. Every progressive step is made with a desire to excel, keeping our own accomplishments and the market’s advancements as the benchmark.

Integrity & Trust Anchored

We believe the right way is the only way. Integrity is at the heart of all we do because we are nothing without our word. We strive to maintain honesty and integrity, in our words and actions and pride in the trust that our stakeholders have in us.

At Cipla Kenya, we do more than make medication. We make people better. We make lives better. We make a difference. Strategies do not restrict us; rather, we are driven by the desire to see all humankind thrive.

Some call it human care. We call it

Caring For Life

Who Are We?

Made in Africa, for Africa

Cipla Kenya is committed to making the highest quality, affordable, life-saving medicines because we want people to live a long and healthy life. We see a future where good health is expected – not for the few but many. That’s why we believe no-one should be denied access to essential medicine. We’re not just about making medicine; we’re about making a difference.

Vice President & Commercial Head, Sub-Saharan Africa

Martin Sweeny

Mr. Sweeny is an industry veteran who has over 20 years’ experience in commercial experience in organizations like Pfizer. Has worked in diverse regions such as Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, China, Russia and LATAM.

As the Vice President & Commercial Head for Sub-Sahara Africa, he is responsible for consolidating Cipla’s presence in East Africa and SADC as well as channelling new market growth in West and Central Africa. He will be working with the BD teams to facilitate strategic acquisitions and partnerships to fast-track growth in SSA. 

He holds an MBA from Ashridge Business School, UK. Originally from Scotland, he is a keen golfer in his spare time.

“At Cipla Kenya, we do more than make medication. We make people better and we save lives. We make a difference.”

Martin SweenyVice President - Commercial Head, Sub Saharan Africa
Our Presence

Global Offices

Cipla Ltd.

Cipla House,
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Plot 1-7, 1st Ring Road,
Luzira Industrial Park, P.O Box 34871,
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Cipla South Africa

Parc du Cap Office Park,
Building 9, Mispel Street,
Bellville, South Africa, 7530

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